Leadbetter, Martin

Although trained as a professional forensic officer, crime scene examiner and fingerprint expert, Martin Leadbetter has been an active and prolific composer since his twenties.

Born in London, England in 1945 his output has been considerable, including four symphonies, six string quartets, sonatas for string and wind instrument, an oratorio, “Every Eye Shall See,” numerous chamber works, songs and many instrumental and orchestral pieces and he has completed more than 400 works. But his love is in writing sacred works for chorus, in particular Christmas carols.

A Fellow of Trinity College, London (FTCL) and a graduate of the UK’s Open University (BA Hons), he studied composition initially with Eric Matthes and later, advanced composition and orchestration with Dr. Alan Bush.

He has enjoyed numerous performances, including his Violin Concerto (1972), which was premiered in London, his 2nd Symphony, ‘The Pastoral’, which was dedicated to Alan Bush, his anthem, ‘Laudate Dominum’ which was performed in Fontainebleau, France and he has been featured on BBC Radio and British television. His work, ‘The Song of Agincourt’ was performed in June 2015 at a concert of the Hitchin Festival, Hertfordshire, Great Britain.

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